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About HBPT

HBPT is a Building Preservation Trust committed to preserving and regenerating historic buildings in our community. We believe that our cultural heritage is an invaluable resource that must be protected and promoted. Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that our architectural legacy is safeguarded for future generations. Join us in our efforts to promote sustainable development and protect our community's cultural heritage.


History of HBPT

The Trust was formed by Hampshire County Council as part of its response to European Architectural Heritage Year in 1975. Its principal objective was to increase public awareness of the plight of those historic buildings which were suffering from either a lack of maintenance or lack of a viable use. For almost 20 years the Trust operated a revolving fund which allowed it to purchase and restore a number of threatened buildings before putting them back on the market. Not all the buildings the trust saved were sold; a few have remained in the Trust’s ownership and are currently administered by other bodies on the Trust’s behalf: Whitchurch Silk Mill and Bursledon Brickworks for which independent Trusts are now in place, and Bursledon Windmill.

In recent years the Trust has adjusted its operations to reflect changes in the property market. It now provides an advisory role. Funding of the Trust now depends almost entirely on membership subscriptions, and all interested in supporting its work are welcome to join. Members receive the Annual Report and have the opportunity to attend the AGM and other activities such as visits and seminars. The AGM is held somewhere in Hampshire, often in an historic building. The Trust is very grateful for the support of its members who also include local planning authorities and relevant local societies.


Building Preservation Trusts

The Heritage Trust Network is the voice for building preservation trusts promoting and supporting the rescue and sustainable use of historic buildings. A Building Preservation Trust (BPT) is a not-for-profit organisation whose main aims include the preservation and regeneration of historic buildings. 

Over 230 BPTs are members of the Heritage Trust Network. The majority of BPTs are rooted in their local communities. Some cover individual towns, cities, or whole counties. Others specialise in particular types of building. A few cover the whole of the UK. Some were formed to save just one building and others, known as revolving fund trusts, seek to conserve a succession of buildings by repair and finding suitable alternative uses and/or owners.

Building preservation trusts frequently provide a means of addressing heritage at risk. They may acquire sites direct from the owner or from a local authority that is exercising its compulsory purchase powers.

See the full explanation by Historic England here: 


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